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Scott’s Recreation – Store Wide Apparel Sale! 30% off all KLIM & 509 gear!!!

Store wide sale on all in stock Helmets & apparel purchases on name brands like Klim, 509, Arctiva, Katahdin, & FXR & more! Jackets, Pants, Bibs, Goggles, Boots, Hats, Gloves & more! Get a $100 Scott’s Recreation gift card when you purchase an in stock Klim helmet! 30% off all KLIM & 509 gear!!! Come check us out today! Store Hours: (Manchester) Mon – Fri 8 – 5 Sat 8 – 3.
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Why Buy Aluminum Trailers? Aluminum vs. Steel

Metallurgy for the masses The big question to be answered is which metal is stronger. Steel trailer supporters like to point out that steel has a reputation of being one of the toughest common alloys, while aluminum is more commonly known for its use as foil or pop can material. However, the aluminum used in all-aluminum trailers is an alloy, the same way that steel is an alloy of iron. This alloy has about the same yield strength as steel! It contains at least 95 percent aluminum, and the other five percent is composed of copper, titanium, chromium and zinc. Other metals are also added in trace amounts to further refine the alloy’s properties. High maintenance Both kinds of trailers require upkeep, but the biggest issue with aluminum trailers is simply lubricating the hinges and cam latches. You’ll also want to make sure to wash out the interior, since horse urine, for example, is corrosive. For cosmetic purposes, an aluminum trailer should be given an acid bath every couple of years to clean and renew its exterior. Steel trailers, on the other hand, must be examined often in order to prevent rust. Any scratches in the paint need to be […]
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Top 10 Trailer-Towing Tips

Proper trailer setup and maintenance are the keys to a successful tow trip. So before you head out to the road, make sure your truck and trailer are roadworthy. Where did I learn to tow a trailer? Or how to set one up? I learned the hard way, by towing a succession of second-hand rigs with whatever I had that had the power to pull. Some of these truck and trailer setups were really evil-handling beasts, and I was lucky to bring them (and myself) home in one piece. Don’t confuse driving your car or truck with towing a trailer. The skill set overlaps only slightly. Everything takes longer when you are towing–speeding up, slowing down and cornering. Remember, you’ve got a second center of mass 10 or 20 ft behind you, and it’s easy for the tail wag the dog. Aside from just physically getting the trailer hitched to the truck, here’s a list of a few things to watch. We sure needed them for the heavy lifting during our exclusive comparison testpitting the new Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram against the competition. 1. Proper Tongue Weight Set tongue weight to 10 to 15 percent of the trailer’s total […]
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